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Exposition : "Kaléidoscopes féminin"

Patricia Nik-Dad

07/03/2023 au 31.03.2023

Galerie Concept 27 is pleased to present “Feminine Kaleidoscopes”, an exhibition by Patricia Nik-Dad, an impertinent, mischievous, mischievous body of work. It could just as well have been called "in complete freedom". In his work, candor, innocence, eroticism and sensuality mingle almost constantly. The characters that populate the engravings (etching and aquatint) have inherited the innocence and benevolence of their familiar cousins ​​in Chagall's work, the youngest of the graceful models of Balthus and even sometimes of the humor of Botero. And yet simply by looking at them one escapes comparison and acquires the certainty that they are solely the work of Patricia Nik-Dad, the fruit of her imagination and her work. This poetic and lunar dimension is magnified by his meticulous work of colors, balloon objects, scaffolding or stars that take us into the magic of a circus creating a unique universe, One cannot help but make a connection with Méliès' "journey to the moon" according to Jules Verne and of course its main character, Cyrano de Bergerac. Strangeness, originality and yet proximity, emanate from these works that we have the impression of knowing for all eternity because they inspire us with a completely natural feeling of sympathy. The words of the artist: “I practice engraving (etching and aquatint) sometimes enhanced with watercolour. The miniature fascinates me as much for its precision as for the imagination that it can magnify. My work includes both illustrations, ex-libris and engravings, which are part of a different and very often dreamlike register each time. I like the proximity of the engraving press, the smell of the inks, the printing of the proofs, the processes which consist in bringing the paper to life. I attach great importance to the choice of format, which must be like a window open to elsewhere... I work on instinct and intuition, according to my experiences and my discoveries”.

Patricia Nik-Dad is a Franco-Iranian artist. She graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris in drawing, painting and engraving. She has participated in several collective exhibitions, notably at the Salon d'Automne, Salon des Artistes Française, Salon du Dessin, Peinture à l'eau and Salon National des Beaux Arts in Paris. In the provinces, Salons de Bayeux, Nantes, Ermont, Chamalières, abroad in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, United States, Japan and Denmark. Her work has been rewarded many times, and she obtained the Marie and Léon Navier prize from the famous Taylor Foundation in Paris.

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