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Anas Albraehe
Exhibition : Mother Earth

07/01/2021 to 30/01/2021

Mother Earth is the series Anas Albraehe is currently working on and is the subject of his residency at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris.

In this series, Anas Albraehe draws women, peasant women who wear traditional clothing to protect their bodies from the heat. These clothes are in harmony with the nature that surrounds them. He is inspired by his environment and in particular by his birthplace in Syria, where he draws most of his themes and subjects. Anas Albraehe remains very attached to his native land and the memories of his childhood. The images and colours that forged his vision continue to animate his artistic approach.

Through the figure of these women, Anas Albraehe wishes to explore the link with the earth and the ancient deities. The theme of fertility and the gift of life is at the heart of this work and touches on the sacred dimension that unites them.

Through his research, he wishes to touch on the universality of the image of women in representations and through different cultures and civilizations. He wishes to explore other campaigns, other images. His window of observation opens on the costumes worn by these women in the fields, in contact with the earth and nature. He draws from this nature and from the work of authors and poets, notably Gibran Khalil Gibran, to add a mystical dimension to his works.

Anas Albraehe also wishes to draw inspiration from the work of reference painters, notably Henri Matisse. He wishes to find in the paintings of this artist, in the West, the striking brilliance that he himself had perceived during his travels in the East.

Born in Syria in 1991, Anas Albraehe is a multidisciplinary artist focused on painting and theatre. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Painting and Drawing from Damascus University of Fine Arts in Syria in 2014. After the beginning of the war in Syria, he moved to Lebanon where he obtained a Master's degree in Psychology and Art Therapy from the Lebanese University in 2015. His recent work combines his interests in the fields of art and psychology to produce a portrait that explores the psychology of color and the gaze of the Other. Anas Albraehe's solo exhibition, entitled Manal, was held at Artspace Hamra in Lebanon and Wadi Finan in Jordan in 2017. He also participated in two group exhibitions at Al-Bareh Gallery in Bahrain in 2015 and Artspace Hamra in 2016. Anas Albraehe participated in SAFIR TA'AROF 2017, an art workshop within the framework of the Sharjah Art Biennale, 2016-2017. He exhibited two series at the Agial Gallery in Beirut, The Dream Catcher in 2018 and Mother Earth in 2020.

Anas Albraehe has worked on several successive series of paintings, each time taking as subject precise elements of his environment in Syria and Lebanon. He is inspired by the people around him but also by memories of his home region.

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