"Introspection", Ramin Parvin
upto 17/04/2021

Ramin Parvin chose the title "Introspection" for the object of this search. His works in mixed media on paper offer insights into monochrome, evenly lit and sparsely furnished living spaces. In their privacy, the viewer encounters resting, female and male figures that seem to be immersed in themselves. The female figures, however, address the viewer in direct gazes, which aim frontally or through the mirror surfaces placed in the pictorial space into the space beyond the image. The interiors in which we live contain the people close to us as well as personal experiences crucial to the formation of our identities. Simultaneously, domestic privacy is traditionally connoted as feminine; the positioning of the male figures in Parvin's pictures therefore also negotiate the possible place of masculinity in this realm.

The spaces in his works can not only be understood literally as representations of built spaces, but also metaphorically as an inner in which the artist balances parts of his personality against each other. The use of mirrors and picture-in-picture constellations breaks the boundary between pictorial space and physical space and thus prompts the viewers to insert themselves in this metaphorical space. Parvin's works create a multiplicity of spaces, which include the exhibition space, and through which visitors may roam, as described by Sa'adi, in search of their inner beloved, and may ultimately meet themselves.


Years and years we spent, searching for the grail

Treading around the globe, while it was at home

Its worth would not be contained in space

What we searched for, missing not a place.

Sa’adi ( ca. 1210-1292)

Ramin Parvin is a multidisciplinary artist (born in 1982 in Hamedan, Iran) lives and works since 2017 in Berlin. His pictorial work is based on various techniques: painting, collage, drawing and even storyboard. Parvin’s work deals with themes of rituals of everyday life, the significance of objects through their use, and creating human connections through intimacy..

His work has been featured in several solo and group exhibitions in USA, Sweden, Austria Iran and Germany.

  •   2021,Group Exhibition, Exercising kinship in diversity'' im und am Museum Lichtenberg HIER & JETZT: Connections. Berlin,Germany

  • 2020, Boys do Cry, Solo exposition, Soma Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany

  • 2019, Unter Palmen ein U-Boot, exposition collective, Villa Heike, Berlin,Germany Performative Mobilküche, Drawing Docoumenting, Weißensee University, Berlin, Germany


     Prix Film festival:

  • 2011, Prix du meilleur film expérimental, festival du film iranien, Toronto / Canada, « Manicure »

  • 2009, Lauréat du meilleur réalisateur de courts métrages festival du film urbain, Iran, « After lunch we’ll sit and talk »

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