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Hamid Pourbahrami

Hamid Pourbahrami’s paintings draw our attention in many ways. The quality of the line, the originality of the subjects, the dynamics of the compositions whatever the technique used, whether drawings or lithography paintings, make it recognizable without hesitation. There emerges a certain violence and especially a nostalgia which is reminiscent of the descriptions of the South of the United States of Tennessee Williams. Hamid Pourbahrami occupies a special place in the contemporary Iranian artistic landscape. Originally from Abadan, an industrial city torn between modernity and ancestral traditions, he chose to give us access to this reality by favoring an architectural approach to his paintings rather than decorative research. The result is powerful works whose beauty is intrinsically linked to the intention of the painter. We find there rubbing shoulders with women in black, barrels of oil, buffaloes and characteristic birds forcing us to accept a concomitance of elements that we would imagine hardly compatible. Originally from an industrial city in which oil fields, poverty, and yet a country life that tries to maintain itself coexist, he uses these recurrences to highlight the chaotic character of the urban environment through the transpositions that his memories give him. His palette confronts us with little used colors unless his work prompts us to rediscover them. Text by Cécile Sportis

Hamid Pourbahrami received the painting prize "mention for excellence" from the London art biennial and "Marco Polo - Art Ambassador International Prize" from Venice in 2015.