Laurence Nusbaum

Laurence Nusbaum Self-taught globe-trotter, her entry into the vast world of the arts is done across the Channel in 1998, by drawing. However, it is in 2002 in Dubai, between dunes and skyscrapers that she befriends the painting. As a chemist who would test new blends, each canvas is for her a new experience, pushing herself to create only unique canvases. "Acrylic, sand, wood, paper, ocher, collages, pastel or triptychs, there are no materials, colors or formats, which do not awaken in me an insatiable desire to create. In the light of day, in the smell of the workshop, I love to hear the brush that slides and the knife that scratches. I spread out, I scrape, I remove, I add, I loosen, I thicken, I fluidify, and while the materials and colors seek their place on the white universe of the canvas, the latter becomes alive, vibrant ... it exists. "Laurence Nusbaum

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