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Michèle Jarnoux

Michèle Jarnoux worked for fifteen years on the human body. Since 2011 her artistic approach is focused on the search for textural effects of the material. The meeting or the man and the sea, Luffa n ° 1, Luffa n ° 2 and On the wire were born from the discovery of an experimental technique that she elaborated within desire to work the mineral universe.  It obtains the porous appearance of coral by piercing the ceramic of thousands of holes with a fine wooden pick. A long and meticulous work by successive passages, it allows her to express differently and to create a singular work full of poetry. His sculptures send us back to the mineral world. The effects of the material occupy a primordial place, and it is this textured, finely engraved, incised or striated textured skin that will give the work its personality and its mystery.

Michèle Jarnoux rencontre l’argile à l’âge adulte lors d’un stage