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Mylinh Nguyen

By sculpting elements as innocent as dry grass, blackberries or even a few revisited seeds, Mylinh Nguyen invites us to encounter strangeness for a moment of immobility or, conversely, a perpetual movement as if these plants only obeyed their own instinct.

Their volume, however many times observed, is adorned with new dimensions, from a work that borrows from geometry in space to restore their intrinsic originality. These plants can thus turn into strange creatures that suddenly panic and worry our eyes. And yet nothing moves.

The new works of Mylinh Nguyen designed from polymer resin, bring us into a nature whose refinement commands admiration. From the physiognomy of living or extinct plant species, the artist produces fascinating works where her mastery of techniques finds new approaches while building a little more of her universe, her signature, made of poetry and precision. None of her artistic gestures are due to chance.

Take a walk or cultivate a small piece of garden; under my neck a patch of dry grass, under my feet the sand, the sea, the path and the open air. Marvel at tiny details and walk on the ridge, celebrate each season, invent moments of balance.

"The reassuring thing about balance is that nothing moves. The real thing about balance is that all it takes is one breath to make everything move." Julien Gracq ​

"Recently, I left behind me the world of machines and the din of metal to work empty-handed. With modelling, I invent a panoply of new, light gestures, and have kept no tradition of the trades of art than the essential: the taste for detail, the sense of finishing, the joy of seeking the perfect gesture. I build little corners of nature, to breathe in. I imagine quiet places, places of peace . Worlds in balance, where the void is combined with the full". (the artist's words)


Collection Faded flowers: Sculptures in modeled polymer resin

The collection of faded flowers tells us about every moment when flowers start to age; tiny rustling of petals, quivering of color. Here we are celebrating the passing of time, the grace that is born after youth.


Collection Garden: Turned vases in brass and ebony

The collection of vases invites you to choose a twig, a herb or a plant every day, and collect it in these tiny vases. It is an invitation to simplicity, minimalism and the poetry of what is little.

The metal sculptures of Mylinh Nguyen bear witness to the contrast of lightness through their movement, and by the rigidity of the metal, through the material.

Mylinh Nguyen studied at ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres (Paris 15) and at ESAA Duperré (Paris 3). She creates metal sculptures and specializes in the machining of cuprous metals. In 2013, she won the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation's Award for Hand Intelligence - Exceptional Talent for the Jellyfish collection. In 2015, she was a resident at Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto (Japan); this stay profoundly transformed his artistic universe.

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